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How do I install a kontakt instrument?

The download and installation of our Kontakt base instruments (except Modern Pop Drums, INSTINCT and EMINENCE) are made through Native Access. Simply paste the serial number you received after your purchase into Native Access to download and install your instrument.
Click HERE to watch the installation guide.

My product does not show up on Native Access after adding my serial

If you product does not show up on Native access after adding your serial number, please try to close and re-open Native Access or update to the latest Native Access version.

I installed a Kontakt instrument but I can't see it when opening Kontakt

If you can't find the new instrument you added to Kontakt, it's probably because your Kontakt software isn't the latest version. To check, look at the product page to see which Kontakt version you should use.

Error message : "Your Kontakt version is too old to open library"

If you're reading this message, it means your Kontakt version isn't the latest one. To update Kontakt, go to Native Access and navigate to the "updated" tab on the left column. If you're not sure if your Kontakt version works with the product you bought, check the compatibility info on the product's page.

There is a demo sign appearing in my Kontakt 

This happens when you try to use a library like PRISM Modern Pop Drums, Instinct, or Eminence in Kontakt PLAYER. To fix this, you need to open the library in Kontakt FULL.
If you are not sure about the version of Kontakt you are using, head over to Native Access under the "Installed products" tab and verify the version next to it.

How do I download my products again?

You can re-download your previous purchases at any time. Simply login to your account HERE
and click on the order number of the product you want to download. Click on "download here" right under the product name. It works the same way for finding your serial numbers.

I you have not created an account yet, simply create one with your email of purchase and all your previous products will be automatically synched on your account.

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PRISM Modern Pop Drums

INSTINCT Trailer Sound Effects

QUANTUM Trailer Sound Effects

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects


PRISM Retro Pop Drums

PRISM Urban Legends

PRISM Drums Lite Edition

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